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Adam Tabriz is a Physician, Writer, Entrepreneur, and public health policy, expert. He is an advocate for Personal liberty. The combination of his experience and expertise underlines his passion for advocating true “Personalized Healthcare” and “Healthcare without Borders.”


The Concept of Anti-kickback and Stark Law and Double Standard Across the Industries

Originally Published by Illumination curated on Medium The Federal Anti-Kickback Act (AKS) is one of the prominent federal corruption and abuse bills in the United States. It merely applies to the wide-ranging dispute of interest fraud has on business affairs in the patient care, pharmaceutical, and medical device sectors. The AKS is an unlawful statute that prohibits contracts anticipated to facilitate or award referrals for items or services compensated under federal health

Private Medical Practice faceoff in 2021

It seems that indiscriminate market drifts are forfeiting Independent Physicians. Can we stop the bleed? Originally published by Illumination Curated on Medium Those of us who have been following the independent medical practice state of affairs for the past decade, I am sure, have also been worried about their survival amidst the merit-based physician reimbursement model. If so, they should probably start worrying more, as the quota of independent physicians and private medi


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