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Adam Tabriz is a Physician, Writer, Entrepreneur, and public health policy, expert. He is an advocate for Personal liberty. The combination of his experience and expertise underlines his passion for advocating true “Personalized Healthcare” and “Healthcare without Borders.”


Economy, Monopoly, and Professional Licensing

This article Was originally Published by Data Driven Investor Occupational licensing is a way the government regulates a profession for compensation. Often only market access as a self-employed is limited to licensed professionals. Occupations that can have an enormous negative impact on individuals, like physicians, public accountants, and lawyers, require occupational licenses in most nations. Many jurisdictions also compel licenses for professions without that prospect, li

Philosophy of Licensing and Certification: The dark history of utterly autocratic approach to public

Originally published by Be Unique on medium From the time of evolution until the current modern age, through generations, the human being has struggled not only to preserve life but also conquer the horizons of skillful existence. Over his journey, every rational existence by nature has to contribute to its society, in one way or the other and over time has had lessons learned from his ancestors then contributed by passing it along the chain of humanity onto future generation


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