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Adam Tabriz is a Physician, Writer, Entrepreneur, and public health policy, expert. He is an advocate for Personal liberty. The combination of his experience and expertise underlines his passion for advocating true “Personalized Healthcare” and “Healthcare without Borders.”


The True Meaning of Personalization Healthcare and Precision Medicine

Personalized healthcare, personalized medicine, and precision medicine are the top 3 buzzwords we hear in the medical and healthcare industry. The age of precision medicine dates back to 20 years when Dr. Francis Collins released a foundational document on the Human Genome Project. The director of National Genome Research predicted the health benefits genome in his Shattuck Lecture. But his predictions have encountered much criticism over the years. Some publications even go

Genomics and the Personalization of Healthcare

Originally published by Data driven investor on Medium Medicine is the science of relativity where every individual is unique and every scenario and case is different. Every factor from molecules to genes, psychology to physics, environmental to social contributes to the diversity of medical delivery. Medicine is complex, but that doesn’t mean healthcare also has to be complex. Every medical case can be regarded as a textbook, but delivery can be seamless between the patient

Personalized Healthcare vs. Population Health

Application of Risk-Benefit Ratio Originally published by Data driven Investor on Medium For centuries human evolution has centered itself within the concept of survival and betterment of life. As a result, He has made astonishing progress. Also, within the process human being has been able to direct their achievements quite efficiently towards safety, validity, and cost of rendering medical services. Despite all the efforts, one thing seemingly has been lost in the continuum

Today’s Continuity of Medical Care Lacks a Personal Touch

Continuity of Medical Care must be on Patient terms with the full understanding of the Procedure This article was originally published by Data Driven Investor Providing Medical care for a patient is more than just offering options and tools to heal them. Every patient’s care perpetually demands insurance of their wellbeing and minimizing the relapse of the same disease and occurrence of novel ailments. That is even more important concerning those with ongoing chronic diseases


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