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Adam Tabriz is a Physician, Writer, Entrepreneur, and public health policy, expert. He is an advocate for Personal liberty. The combination of his experience and expertise underlines his passion for advocating true “Personalized Healthcare” and “Healthcare without Borders.”


Abortion: A Woman’s Body, No Man’s land

Political Rhetoric, and 21st-Century Hypocrisy Originally published by authentics on Medium Abortion is a well-spoken buzzword that has occupied the top headline of today’s news and media. It has become the rhetorical slogan for the political movements, the catchphrase of the feminist, right for the mother, progressive to the left, criminal to the right. Abortion is considered a sin to the religious and one more critical topic for the ethicist. Abortion is by far one of the m

The Greatest Tyranny of all;

is the one Committed when a Democratically Elected Authority Glorifies Human Loss It is Severity thus Suppression of Tenancy of the Soul to Glorify Infliction on a Human, be it under the Sentiment of Patriotism or the Glory of Martyrdom Originally Published by Illumination Curated on Medium Most of us believe the loss of individual liberty is a destination. Although it is right in its literal terms, nonetheless, in reality, once we give away our unique personal authority, tha


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