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Adam Tabriz is a Physician, Writer, Entrepreneur, and public health policy, expert. He is an advocate for Personal liberty. The combination of his experience and expertise underlines his passion for advocating true “Personalized Healthcare” and “Healthcare without Borders.”


Rules and Ethics Typically Applicable to Mass Media Don’t Necessarily Spread Over to Social Media

The answer to Social Media Misconception rests within the Semantics Originally Published by Illumination Curated on Medium Chronology of mass media is not a modern-day practice. The concept of taking the message across a group of people reaches back into the pre-industrial age as a public service. The mass media intends to serve all community members. In some countries, it is provided by the government to people living within its authority either through direct public-backed

Everyone Grasps Perfection Differently

Realistically, we are the only Person who Expects us to Be Perfect! Originally Published by Life Health & Nutrition On medium The human species is relentlessly striving toward more emphasis on accomplishment and productivity. The contradiction of humans and humanity is that ever to struggle to be perfect. It affirms that we may not be at consensus, hence hinders our progress. In other words, the balance consequent to halting the inevitable growth permits innate development. S


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