Abortion: A Woman’s Body, No Man’s land

Political Rhetoric, and 21st-Century Hypocrisy

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Abortion is a well-spoken buzzword that has occupied the top headline of today’s news and media. It has become the rhetorical slogan for the political movements, the catchphrase of the feminist, right for the mother, progressive to the left, criminal to the right. Abortion is considered a sin to the religious and one more critical topic for the ethicist. Abortion is by far one of the most controversial chapters in the textbook of human life, which has millions of writers and editors. Abortion is an important and sensitive topic more for everyone further so for a woman.

The polemic of abortion is real, and I would not be surprised if those of you, Reading this piece is most thinking, how can a male figure remark on a theme which is elite to the woman’s body? — That is why I decided to write this article!

My intention is not indelibly a prerogative to force my view and position with respect to abortion, as is not pertinent to what I would like to point in this discussion. My solitary tenacity is to shed light on some contentious disputes that may or may not be exclusive to this theme, which may help the reader understand the real contributes to the current outages about abortion.

For the sake of full disclosure, I must say, as a physician, an individual and with the knowledge of how the abortion or partial termination of pregnancy procedures are executed as well as having personally observed in my professional life, is not a kind of practice that I would consider pursuing in my personal or professional deed.

The matter of abortion is multidimensional and multifarious. Combinations of independent factors concurrently interact in a particular instant. Talking about abortion is as overwhelming as opening a “can of worms”. But then again at some point, we need to halt, take a deep breath and ask ourselves the big question- what is our intention of corroborating? Is it about women’s right, Mother’s right or prove that life begins at the time of conception or birth?

Beforehand- first, we need to define what life is, and how much a person’s existence worth!

The Concept of Punitive, Compensatory Damage and Values

Most of us are mindful of the legal terms like punitive and compensatory damages where under particular circumstances the amount of compensation to the plaintiff will be contingent on a person’s programmed potential of the future earnings. For example- in our society irrespective of that everyone’s life is priceless; the long term predictable value of a Harvard law graduate is upper than that of a homeless person without education, as the attorney would be entitled to greater reimbursement under the equal statuses. This notion exemplifies the significance of perceived worth at a given society that would indeed vary from one community to another.

The Worthiness of Life

Everything, everyone and every moment in the human life have a value, the regard that something is to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness, serving as a person’s principles or standards of behavior and judgment call of what is important in life. Some tenets can be monetized but hardly any such as life itself which is generally accounted for through morals and social justice. Everyone values life in a different way. Those spiritual may appreciate life as imperfect and equates the life of an adult to that of the fetus.

Quantitatively and qualitatively, for the religious, the most treasured life is one after bereavement. But in general, the impact of a life is inclined by factors sovereign of exclusive religious faith and is usually the product of a combination of factors such as social custom, ethos, environment, faith, and education. Once the value of life is recognized then emanates death and mortality, which is usually perceived as morals lost or gained. For some, death is a creation of time and one more door of life to be unlocked but for others, a high price to pay for the annexation of those values. Based on the notion of value, abortion will at all-time be inferred based on distinct discernment of life and death.

What is Abortion?

Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of gestation. The reasons why a person selects to end conception are situations such as health, inability to care for another person, economic disadvantage, and psychological limitations. Yet, this is not as critical as the inspirations affecting decisions to contemplate an abortion. Personal choice is by far the most in force of any other element when it comes to this subject.

As we work our way through this narration, It will be clear how the values of life and perception of death are detrimentally prejudiced by said causal dynamics, a variety of Influencers of human attitude on abortion. One such factor is “health”.

Abortion as a Matter of Health

The Health and wellness of mothers are of noteworthy importance. Aborting for Health is one motive that goes without exception in favor of mother where the value of mother’s life surely prevails contained by the archetypal civilized modern communities, but conferring to some religious philosophies some mothers may decide on not to abort their unborn child. Except in particular radical religious circumstances, I don’t believe any person within the contemporary custom would disagree that the Mother’s life outweighs the fetuses. Of course, under definite but erratic customary dogma, this may be subject to open dispute.

It is also worth noting that irrespective of the motivation to have an abortion, later carries its own risks of complications such as Infection or sepsis, Damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, Perforation of the uterus, damage to other organs and in extreme situation Death.

Abortion as a Responsibility Detour

Maternity is one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life, but concomitantly physically, psychologically, and socially burdensome. No question that the person who can describe the experience of gravidness is somebody who has been pregnant in her lifetime.

Intimacy and sex are part of human life, instinctively fulfilling, and without, there would be no existence. But, with it emanates definite responsibilities not only for the mother but also the father, family, the community around the female. Those responsibilities begin within woman’s principle values and work outward thru building the social ideals block by block taking into account all the factors that treasure a person’s doctrines based on which an individual decides how to conceptualize where to stand on the continuum along with the philosophy of abortion within that communal she is inherent in.

To keep the conflict of attitude to the slightest, the spectrum of social ethics by which the mother conquers need to be kept as trivial as probable and every single constituent within the said continuum, be female or male, pregnant or not pregnant become accustomed to what is universally conventional to the community they live in. Even so, still, there will be no perfect scenario, but societal standards are factors that individualistically influence how abortion is professed among communities and prized, such as politics, religion, culture. Thus, in a given society, indefinite determining factors exist by which together they frame the common norms to the customary values determined by a profile of shared characteristics contained by the individual constituency.

The tendency for sub-segregation of an assembly of people based on their variances of attitudes will trigger tension. Let’s say, as I touched briefly before, even among more or less conventional mothers there will in due course be a cluster which would be inclined to have an elective abortion before 1st trimester of pregnancy, but others may well reject to go through abortion even for life-threatening scenarios. Such a discrepancy of attitude is further noteworthy as the communities grow, and the larger the population sample, the more the diversity of citizens. Greater diversity means striking metamorphoses to work through, and that grander differences serve as the political bigotry. That is why passing legislation on a large-scale similar to federal Government is exasperating to recognize and compelling the entire nation to adapt is predestined to nosedive and rebound, something that we see in the news on a daily basis.

Abortion as a Political Weapon

Despite all the arguments made over the abortion and all the loud shout-out made as abortion is personal, a woman’s right but one needs to concede that once a theme is adapted into the political mantra of the lawmakers, it will be the whole enchilada but personal and sanctified. A price to pay for asking a politician to make the fortitude what is and what is not a living existence inside the mother’s uterus. The topic of Abortion is one case in point of sundry of the political weapons, which are solely used to meet collective partisan philosophy, not individual autonomy.

Diplomatically enthused assemblages at one end of the spectrum appeal themselves pro-lifers and the other spectrum pro-choice. Pro-lifers call their opponents’ child killers and pro-choicer plea the others Stone-Agers. I dare say if supporting abortion is the insignia of progressiveness or the contrary criminal. Ultimately entertainments of crime and progressiveness are intrinsically comparative rapports, as smoking opium may be legal in one country but grounds for prosecution in another. Yet, the point of major dispute is not the abortion itself, but the hypocrisy of the legal systems, double standard, and politics surrounding abortion. Those who call themselves progressives intend to sway the system their way and secure populist backing. They use postfix “rights” next to every mission they are pursuing — such as abortion rights, healthcare rights, women’s rights, men’s rights, etc. while failing to see the genuine concept of rights. That a “Right” applies invariably to every individual irrespective of his or her affiliation to a group or share a particular trait.

A right is never granted at the disbursement of a fellow individual, still is Personal, which in turn, in this case, makes the women the righteous to her own physique, regardless how insignificant the value of fetus, and how overzealous the controversy from one society to another. That value is of utmost significance in determining what dogmata must govern our municipal, more so, within the development, essential to avoid double standard. In some states murder of the pregnant is considered a double homicide. Henceforth, if abortion is to be legitimate the murder of a pregnant woman must not be considered a dual homicide.

In medical terms, death is equal to brain death as a beating heart does neither confirm nor rule out life. Thus, Existence of sign of fetal heartbeat, during the early stages of pregnancy has been recently used to satisfy politician’s agenda that the fetus is in fact, a live human being, which in my view is nothing apart from hypocrisy used as the shortcut by those who would like to win a political mission irrespective of morals and doctrines.

Diversity and Abortion

Diversity is the miscellany of a person, irrespective of his or her affiliation with the profile or artificial traits and ideas. Humanity is as diverse as its basic elements, i.e. -one person- nothing more nothing less. The significance of fetal life is as trivial as the human landscape tolerates by reckoning individual elements comparable to fetal heartbeat or religious conviction. At the other spectrum social, psychological, economic impact on the mother and father such as rape and teenage pregnancies needs to be considered within its identifiable merits. But, the main questions will always be: What are we trying to prove and whom are we trying to persuade? -Is it about what we have confidence in or how we want others to believe us? -It may be that motivations are more than just a choice! Indeed, it may be as vibrant as making abortion a health concern as under present-day healthcare crunch, as imposing others to pay for abortion may inspire more discontent and frenzy surrounded by the hostility merely for the reason that our country is so diverse, the mainstream of the citizens do not share most of the same values, which takes us to my prior statement about keeping the communities small for the diversity to function best!

The Vicious Circle of Political Expression, Finger-Pointing, and name-Calling

Abortion is a personal mission fine-tuned by family, social, environmental, and political visions. But politicizing a matter so peculiar is the precondition to conflict destined to serve the interest of government itinerary.

Politics endorse apartheid, fueling Feminist movement taking the individual right out of its perspective and turning it into oppression. Abortion is neither about sex or gender identity, and nor about the devaluation of motherhood. Hence, it has been merely turned into ordeals that sabotage what humanity stands for, unrelatedly of the sexual role, and individuality.

The notion of Abortion and pregnancy is multifaceted encompassed by the value of life in part driven by family dynamics, support, and opinion. Even though the father is not the bearer of the pregnancy, yet attachment to the baby is existent.

Abortion as a Social Taboo

As communities grow so do cultural norms and values, and they, in turn, will open the door for the emergence of new boundaries, clichés, and taboos. Anathemas are the limiting part of a friendly life and work in opposition to the unique individual standard.

Abortion among challenges in human life has suffered greatly by counterproductive censures, using daunting words, such as “sin” and “Retrograde” denouncing its value as the weapon in the hands of the extremists. In view of that, the word abortion within the mainstream has become the unspoken world within a million words. Having said that cultures that condemn abortion have not fulfilled their social commitments to the newborn if they have not implemented a non-bureaucratic process in place as the means to support the mother and or baby, because regarding fetuses alive before birth merits continuance of the value after natal.

Abortion in the Context of Religion

Among religions, one is able to find a spectrum of practices ranging from “prohibiting contraception”, to those which tolerate abortion exclusively for medical reasons. While most sharing the comparable spiritual philosophies about existence and death.

In major religions, the fetus is considered a living soul but with the innovation of imaging technology some people have proposed that the first sign of the fetal heartbeat on ultrasound is considered as the start of life. At the other spectrum in some cultures, fetal cannibalism has also been reported.

Whose Life is a more Valuable Fetus or Mother?

In 21 centuries, we all undoubtedly would vote for the favor of the mother- right? Yet, not universal as in a person whose life is one hundred percent driven by religious values, the life of the fetus and the mother are most derived equal, and millions of beliefs about abortion and its practice within the spectrum of latter two extreme ideologies.

Generally speaking, the major Religions rigidly base the value of life equal to everyone from the time of conception till death. This stance by religion is by far the most inflexible of the values, which tends to override most if not all individual and social continuum of choices. Even so, those who call themselves “spiritual”, but are performing the abortion in one way or other are simply pivoting their way by reforming their view, by overriding some of their innate personal values compelled by their faith. This takes us to my other point that religion being a way of life, personal and rigid renders hypocritical, as it prevails over individual perspective.

Individual Right and Significance of Deviation and Distraction

The Respect and support of individual sovereignty are momentous in determining the values by which mother can use to terms for the abortion, significant to judge self and others based on sincere personal perspective and by no means on the artificial profile that a person fit in, such as gender, sexual orientation, religion or race. With a one-size-fits-all attitude to abortion policy, we would inevitably sacrifice individuals that fall of its worth gamut, hence creating confusion and radicalism.

Individual Right and Woman’s Right

Woman’s right, in reality, is the individual right. The word woman is the profile by which a single human being fits in to, as the primary goal is to protect those who are “carriers of the female phenotype” but in reality, it has become nothing short of preserving one of the profiles that highlight a specific trait like “race”.

Mothers Right vs Individual Right

When we talk about abortion, certain traits and responsibilities sub-categorizes the motherhood within the individuality realm. It also differentiates motherhood from womanhood, as even though a typical pregnancy concludes with motherhood. Exceptions to this rule are where the surrogate may not build a bond with the newborn. This concludes giving birth does not necessarily have to make a woman a mother, which instinctively motherhood is more than carrying a fetus within, and giving birth. From the prospect of the mothership, the profile exceptionally and always sustains its uniqueness.

When the word mother used within the milieu of its profile, it will not withstand itself as a political or fascist notion, for the reason that every human being has one mother to who by they can relate to, thus as the well-accepted universal statement that motherhood is, in fact, a right.

We also hear slogans like “abortion is a right”. Although abortion is a personal choice but can a right be claimed at 3rd party expense? Abortion cannot be performed without the aid of a physician, and not all physicians would volunteer to perform that procedure, so is it fair to say today’s rhetoric is using the choice for abortion out of its original context?

Fathers Right vs Individual Right

The subject of abortion and its prominent focus on women’s body and individuality have invariably overlooked the significance of fatherhood and its contribution to the value of human life hence the family structure. The value of a true father’s contribution seems to have been blunted by the backfire of anti-male chauvinism throughout the past century. Although gender discrimination and sexism may well still be prevalent, it would be out of the frame of reference to sacrifice the role of a caring and responsible father to the unsound decisions made by few ancestors. Nevertheless, impregnating a woman does not award one the title of parenthood.

Fatherhood comes with certain obligations and traits that need to be synchronous with the mother and newborn or the fetus. Fathers and mothers are entitled to their respective rights, with prerequisites from one another. As much as it’s noble to become a mother, to the same magnitude, is a privilege to earn the designation of the father.

Take-Home Message

An individual is the most basic ingredient of every society. In every civilization individual citizens independently contribute to their community and vice versa beginning with the framework of the close family.

Abortion is one of those decisions made based on the value and definition of life within the contextual relationship of that pregnant individual and within her perimeter of the instantaneous community. The major problem with the notion of Abortion is not whether the fetus is a person or if it is at which trimester is considered human, but is about Loss of human values due to overemphasized principles dictated by “cookie-cutter approach” with prejudice over individual values, mother’s right, father’s right and that the smaller residing community standard policies carry the least conflict.

At the beginning of this article, I briefly touched on the importance of community in evaluating human life and abortion. And I also elaborated on the significance of diversity of and influence on the way call situations of the community can have disagreements on the subject of this topic, meaning the larger and diverse the community, the more chances of facing disagreement, hence igniting a political transformation of the otherwise personal issue such as abortion. More politics do not mean in hasty solution. Ideally, smaller communities make superior and more structured systems. That is why is important to keep the issue as delicate as abortion out of the political arena.

The United States of America consists of 50 states with over 300 million populations (as of 2018), is by far the most diverse community in the world. The idea that we can implement one policy for such a tantalizing issue as abortion across the whole nation is not only unrealistic but also is the prerequisite to absolutism. The participation of the federal government on the issue of abortion is nothing but a catalyst for more radical backfires by citizens and long-term policy failure. Social issues such as abortions are better dealt with in the instant community and their respective medians.

The federal government must recognize the diversity of the voters and make sure state governments do the same. Federal, state, and local administrations must collectively guarantee individual sovereignty and enforce honoring golden rule through honesty, respect, sincerity, and responsibility to self and others.

Humanity is Beyond Words, Politics, and Rhetoric.

Humanity is about reality with all the negatives and positives. The Fine line between being considered murderer and victim of double homicide or legatee of rights is buried among us all.

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