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Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Weapon of Mass Destruction

Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Artificial Intelligence, And Future

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), or the Intellect exhibited by a machine, is in contrast to the natural ability of humans and animals to self-learn and learn from their environment.

Today, the modern machine can shadow humans and other non-human entities and learn through complex processes called Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, or Deep Neural Learning.

For Deep learning to kickstart, educating the machine first must receive its instruction from the human data scientists and engineers. That is the instruction that sets precedence for the machine's personality. That is the vital stage that delineates the line between virtuous and the evilness of the technological endeavor.

The usefulness of Artificial Intelligence science resembles that of its nuclear counterpart. Its utility lies within the secret recipe of the technology the sciences breed. Just like the atomic weapon when its intellectual recipe was highly secret before the second world war, AI is going through the same process today. Once the hidden blueprint of how to weaponize the nuclear fusion process, it was already too late to stop a few countries from developing, monopolizing, and even using it.

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Today almost all noteworthy corporation from all industries is in a race against time to obtain, implement and use artificial intelligence. Some intend to use the technology in line with their tactical missions, some to take advantage and robust their business strategies, and some to nurture their neo-feudal initiatives.

But, just like a weapon of mass destruction using the nuclear fusion process, AI, too, has exponential propagation potential. It learns based on what it receives from the masters (scientists) and entertains its self-learning process and duties more efficiently than its engineers. This automation process is the biggest threat humankind can expect in the future as long as the global internet is connected and the computer powers are on!

Deep Learning Wants Lots Of Your Valuable Data.

Machines' appetite for learning and executing tasks is endless. That is why keeping the internet open, access to public information within arms reach, and unidirectional pointing in the direction of the corporate mission is essential.

The use of artificial intelligence in military settings has been emerging worldwide. The last decade has witnessed an incremental increase of autonomy in functions that range from targeting systems to navigation, driving, aviation, surveillance, and even self-propagating assassination drones or "Slughterbots." They are weapon designs that exploit AI to identify, select, and kill human prey without human intervention.

Whether the concept of Sloughterbots or "lethal autonomous weapons systems" or "killer robots" is still fiction or not, or whether we will use it by itself is a subject of separate discussion. But, what we should never doubt is its real potential for harm to humanity. These are scenarios such as using public-private thoughts and habits negatively adjusting fees and raising healthcare costs.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence will benefit humanity. Nevertheless, it also has the potential to serve as a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hand. More so, once self-propagation and automated learning are set to motion and built and used indiscriminately, humanity will be in jeopardy.

The choice rests in the remote algorithm programming of the Deep Learning scheme.

Weapon Of Mass Destruction, Artificial Intelligence, And Future

Indeed, AI and Deep Learning are emerging technologies aggressively being explored for weaponization. Corporate neofeudalism, artificial intelligence, and data mining are the crossroads of future destruction.

Today, we witness the disruption of the modern digital ecosystem as it molds itself towards a feudal power structure. In the joint inference of feudalism, corporations (lords) use various subtle and overtly political and economic systems to extract valuable data from the public's daily lives (peasants), who commonly have little or no choice or leverage over the system.

Users of various internet platforms, often with only the barest knowledge of the data submitted to the system they use, and that data is in turn used to generate value exclusively for the owners of the artificial intelligence-powered platforms.

Regarding social media, the digital ecosystem constitutes a de facto feudal society and the perfect scenario for using artificial intelligence-driven weapons of mass destruction in the hands of global lords to suppress and conquer.

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