Health Information and the business behind it

Updated: Jul 4

The Profitable model with an alternate Motive

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Everyone wants a slice of the healthcare pie!But have you wondered why? Why are the non-medical entities acting like they have entered a new era of Gold Rush?

Simply because they can manipulate the system , they could churn out more profits if there is no interference.

Things have taken a new turn with the introduction of SaaS (software-as-a-service) government mandates, intentional physician burnout, and the passive behavior of the medical community, especially the independent physicians. Sure, SaaS can help solve plenty of problems when it comes to taking care of patient data, but looking at it through the eyes of a businessman isn’t what needs to happen when it comes to the healthcare industry.

How did this happen?

Doctors have somehow become disconnected from their industry and domain through the years, which has created a vacuum filling up with profit-seeking corporate companies. The majority of the old school physicians are feeling the brunt of increased demand for information security. In the intentionally inflated industry, we have been given quick-fix solutions with improper validated technology and resources.

Health information has turned into a billion-dollar industry, and concerns over privacy and security have become significant. Software companies convince us that the data is encrypted and not accessed even by their employees. But they have created the software and had the capability to utilize the data any way they please.

We are connected through an open-source application program interface (API) in cyberspace, and there are chances of hacking and stealing the information. Research groups and companies are ready to invest billions of dollars to get hold of the patient information. Some say that it is okay to share information like blood pressure if the patient's identity is kept private to improve patient outcomes. The health data is the product of the patient, and their physicians, and caregiver efforts. So why should some other company benefit from them!

All of it has given rise to a situation where somebody can't expect proper care and health services.

How can we Change the Situation?

We need to share the data and hand over the ownership to the parties who had created it. It will solve most of the healthcare problems, if not from the quality and cost perspective. Health information is valuable, and this incentive will drive doctors, patients, and providers to take care of them. It will be beneficial for them to deliver meticulous care and earn credits in exchange for treatment.

The current system of slavery propagated by large corporate entities need to stop at this very moment. The modern owners of the slavery system are masters of disguise and spreading propaganda. We can say there’s nothing wrong with using patient information as long as privacy is maintained and there are no risks of misuse. We can take the patient's consent or the owner of the data through a transparent process where each party could be held accountable for the use of the data. The owner of the information should also receive credit for their contribution under the sole discretion of the patient.

The stakeholders of the data should have complete information about the data that will be used. A company cannot just exploit them to make millions out of the data in a free market. Patients and doctors should be fairly rewarded for their contribution to medical information. Fit for all solutions is not the answer as they only benefit selected companies at the cost of the physician and the patient.

Healthcare delivery should be based on the quality of care, and this should be made the foundation of the healthcare system. We need a sound patient-physician relationship and interaction and have to empower both parties. Any quality assurance issues should be implemented from the bottom and move upwards, not the other way round through useless bureaucracy.

The Need for Active Role of Physicians and Patients

Patients and physicians need to control the reign without letting bureaucracy run the show, and better service should be rewarded on the spot. Physicians and healthcare providers should validate any technology before being tried out by patients based on their requirements. We need to implement this through a transparent system where responsible parties can be held accountable.

Strategies shouldn’t be implemented on a turnkey basis but customized to meet the individual patient and physician needs. We have the technology and resources that weren’t available even a decade back- we need to use them to empower precision medicine and transform towards personalized medicine moving away from population-based healthcare. We have to keep in mind that any attack or data breach has some hidden motive behind it, and most of the time, it is related to financial gains- it’s not difficult to conclude!

That is why the entities keep information readily accessible or prone to hacking because they can earn incentives. The patient or owner of data may not know about the misuse, and it has thus turned into a turf war where the information is controlled by someone else.

We need to step out of the woods and reorganize ourselves so that we can work together. Every contributor to health information should be eligible for a reward for their contribution. The real value of healthcare lies in the doctor-patient relationship and not in some mathematical ICD codes developed for monetary gains through the confusion and creating murky water.

Patients should own 100% of their health data and should be able to decide how somebody should use it. We should reward every stakeholder who contributed and develop a system that caters to all and not just serves the purpose of a chosen few.

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