Mansplaining: Something Every Woman Knows

Updated: Apr 24

A Workplace Enigma, Bigoted Behavior, New Age Political Weapon and Absolutist agent of Tomorrow

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The Upshot: Gender Mainstreaming and Manterrupting and Womansplaining

Mainstreaming is a pluralistic strategy to “supposedly” respect diversity among people of different genders. The public policy theory calls for continual evaluation of various implications for people of “diverse genders” for any proposed policy action, including legislation and programs, in all areas and levels.

The irony of gender mainstreaming is that it is the byproduct of gender consciousness and probably behaviors like mansplaining. Yet, it is expected to solve the polarity by creating more gender consciousness and polarization by taking the pluralistic approach!

It is the prevailing notion that gender mainstreaming calls for five principles:

  1. Gender-sensitive language

  2. Gender-specific data collection and analysis

  3. Equal access to services utility

  4. Equal women and men participate in the decision-making process

  5. The equal treatment being integrated into all routine processes

Well, don’t these rules apply to every individual irrespective of the profile to which they belong?

The idea that everyone should have the same liberty is across the board, nonetheless clustering such rights specific to the profile will always have a counter-reaction. For instance, as opposed to mansplaining, womansplaining will be prohibited too.

One may argue that it is okay to integrate the womansplaing concern in day-to-day public policies. But then again, where do we draw the line?

Each time we create a group and assign a right to them?

Wouldn’t that excruciate the already unhealthy environment of the “battle of the Genders”?

Indeed, it seems like our policies are uniting the same genders and exaggerating their contrast.

“Manterrupt” and “Bropropriate” are other recently added terms to the phrases. They describe an unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man, often in the workplace. The concluding denotes the thieving of a woman’s ideas and taking credit for them.

Although there are many instances where women are discriminated against at work, some female employees also sensed they were being held back by hostile office policies that made manterrupt compulsory- Based on a report. Female employees argued that it risks trivializing the problem and undermines feminism’s message of equality. Hence, such policies serve to polarize people rather than unite them against gender-based social discrepancies.

Entitlement and Discrimination are still significant problems. But Biased is still Biased irrespective of their Gender Identity

Gender rights are individual right, as everyone irrespective of the title of their body or the profile they fit in within a society deserve the same opportunity. Policies, programs, projects, and services that respond to the distinct collective needs of women or men will only complicate the age-old problem. Because it will invite absolutism like; “Never speak when a woman is speaking because she is a woman.”

It integrates gender essentialism into the work environment by introducing the idea that specific physical, social and cultural characters are inborn to a particular gender. Furthermore, it will introduce a strong sense of stigma to the community of colleagues amongst whom there should be an increased sense of free flow collaboration.

The more we twist words, create fictitious profiles that distinguish between men and women, the more we generate polarity amongst us, thus fighting abreast of our conviction that individuals irrespective of gender are created equal and merit equal reverence.

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