Rationality As The Instrumental Factor To Logical Reasoning

Is Rational Thinking a Virtue Of A Better World?!

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Among all the rhetorics we encounter today, one gets me the most. That is, "Let us make the world a better place." We use the phrase day in and day out, often not knowing what and how we can make the world the kind of place that is ideal for all of us.

Indeed, I see myself as a rational person, just like many others. And I often expressed my reasoning to others. Not surprisingly enough, with some, we could see eye to eye, but others not!

I can be labeled an irrational person, and I was irritated. But It did not take me long to realize that making the world we live in a better place is a virtue but not absolute.

So, What Makes The World A Better Place?

I happened to browse through a page from QuotesLyfe the other day. Indeed, I found hundreds, if not thousands, of viewpoints on what makes the world better. Then I thought, why can't everyone agree on one unified rationale?

Everybody sees the world differently, and so does the quality of life. Because whatever the driver of that view rests on personal "Reasoning or Logic," how we incorporate facts within our rational thinking and the values we live by at a given time and place influences those conclusions.

We Need To Learn How To Reason Well

According to various scholars, we won't be able to achieve advanced level education unless their curriculum coaches us to reason and apply rationing well in all contexts. That invariably applies to uncomfortable situations. Thus, it demands critical thinking for success in the workplace, personal lives, and education.

Our Values Drive How We Reason

Rational thinking and individual values go hand in hand as we must consider that everything we put together to reach a sensible opinion is ultimately in line with our values.

Unique values like enthusiasm, creativity, humility and personal fulfillment reflect how we see our lives and needs. They are the principles we live by and what we deem meaningful.

The religious person with solid sentiments that the world is a better place based on the values handed to them by their spiritual idols. As for some even believe if everyone were an atheist, then there would not be any atrocities happening today in the hands of a few in the name of God. By themselves, the latter group of people holds their own particular set of values.

How We Gather And Evaluate Pertinent Facts Is Also An Essential Component Of Rationing

No matter what we think and how we drive our reasons about the world we live in, Scientific facts have and will always mold our values and the way we reason. For instance, a religious person two thousand years ago would rationalize a better world state differently than the educated individual who follows the same spiritual values.

If the values are the food for the human soles, science and education are the spice, and how we drive our rationale and reasons are the recipes.

Rational Thinking Is A Virtue Of A Better World Only As An Instrument Of Influence.

Rationality and reasoning are awareness instruments that fulfill specific objectives in a particular time and place. Therefore, if rationality is the instrument, the reason is contributory, not fundamental.

So, if those who reason, if only we acted rationally, then we would live in a better world together, they may want to consider this; rationality is only instrumental to logical reasoning.

“Individual Values is the mother of all Morals but also the most Tampered of All” — Adam Tabriz, MD