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Should Governments Enforce Net Neutrality?

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As many call "Net Neutrality, or "Network Neutrality," the vision is a new phenomenon. It is a principle that dictates that internet providers maintain a neutral position when treating their users!

Unfortunately, Net neutrality has become an utter illusion over the past few decades, just like its free speech counterpart.

Today, service providers like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others choose to meddle in how communications are treated and distributed based on various algorithms, protocols, policies, and payment options. That has raised many concerns in the past few years, so it was only a short while ago when Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla, offered to purchase Twitter for $44 Billion to ensure "Net Neutrality" for Twitter. So, Twitter accepted Ellon Musk's offer on April 26th, 2022.

The founder of Tesla intends to reform Twitter so that all users receive fair treatment when publishing their opinion. And to rebuild trust among users, Elon Musk wants to render Twitter "open Source." That means Twitter's software code will be publicly available, so everyone can see, modify, and distribute the code as appropriate.

But, the question is should Net Neutrality be a written law where everyone should abide?!The answer is more leisurely than the reality; just like the free speech!

Or is Net Neutrality being molded and manipulated just like the free speech by the hands of the few entities under the rhetorics of fact-checking and fake news!

Not long ago, I published a piece titled: "Rules and Ethics typically applicable to Mass Media don't necessarily spread over to Social Media."

Within, I tried to elaborate on how the semantics of Social Media misconception plays a significant role in how society perceives how social media functions and should function. We must first understand what is behind the internet provider's motive. Naturally, one can not force a for-profit company to run a business other than what they strategize to double down on profit margins. But, likely, we can enforce transparency and accountability. Yet, we must also accept being transparent and take responsibility for our actions.

The Mainstream of our times is in support of fact-checking all the information. They have made it their prerogative to inspect basic information based on the rhetorics hindering the spread of False Information. This trend has become an expansive market nitch for the Internet providers to implement various forms of algorithms that mortified Net Neutrality.

Indeed, the Net Neutrality impediment is another form of contemporary censorship. It is a state of covert censorship that, by trait, tends to give preference to popularity over Credibility.

“If mainstream is going to brag about Net neutrality of information technology & media then it must take the initiative to achieve that through decentralization, personalization, individual authentication, Transparency and most of all accountability”‬- Adam Tabriz
Now, let us ask ourselves again!Should Governments mandate Net Nuturality?!The answer lies within the definition of who has the most power to ensure Net Neutrality!Is it the Government?- Corporations, Mainstream, or individuals?!

Without a doubt, Net Neutrality is a must if we stand for fairness, accountability, and human sovereignty. But, before we can achieve that, we must first address the grassroots of the problem: finding and treasuring the "Golden Rule in ourselves!"

“The red flag of corruption and monopoly shall rise up, once the founder of a major social network asks for more government regulation on internet” — Adam Tabriz, MD
“The net-neutrality can not be achieved via mandates, bureaucracy and politics, but through fair and square free market, decentralization and respect for individual privacy as well as liberty” — Adam Tabriz, MD
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