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Vertical, And Horizontal knowledge

An Illustrative Embodiment Of Preconception At The Talent Stage

One of the most innate yet rewarding idiosyncrasies of any primate is the perception of performing ahead of the others. That is like the two newly hatched bird chicks competing for the food conveyed by the parents, to the breadth that the dominant sibling may hurl the other of the nest in the feat of claiming all the feeds. The human being is no different in measuring up to competitiveness, and the fierceness of rivalry is even bigger and more intricate in the individual's circumstance. To be robust, the person adapts to the climate, learns from those surrounding circumstances, and strategizes the means to prosper.

Knowledge is the mother of all skills and abilities, where ability is the instrument of competence. The talent inspires a cycle of wisdom and understanding; thence, we enact the logistics to stand agile. It may appear straightforward and fair, but one aspect history has taught us is that the pursuit is unfairly enforced. As some of those clenches, the upper hands end up regulating the essential facets of the knowledge admission, and skills, thus hurdle the talents, personal capabilities, and resources to exercise that mastery in one way or another.

The facts, subject, and information amassed by someone through comprehensive insight or tuition, be it for technical or theoretical doctrines, is a precious possession of the beholder. Knowledge is wisdom and by no means obliges categorizing based on specific profiles or shared privileges tagged by a title.

Insight comes in an endless variety of combinations.

But a predetermined medley is permitted within the spectrum of the established hierarchy. For example, a licensed dentist can extract a tooth, or a licensed orthopedic surgeon can replace a knee joint. Still, if a person can perform the two skills, I.e., tooth extraction, and knee replacement surgery, they would not be ratified to practice them unless they meet license or certification requirements for general dentistry or orthopedic surgery. For the dentist or orthopedic surgeon that averages a set of predetermined skills sorted under the job description's umbrella. Hence the candidate excelling in the latter two skills would have to decide on one and be compelled to take up other capabilities within the respective job categories of skills within the given education path.

To expand on the discussion, I would like to use a simple categorization of skills by classifying knowledge into speculative vertical and horizontal.

The vertical intellect is about the kind of proficiency, which is the branch of already comprehended information. Meanwhile, I would like to refer to knowledge in the alphabetic system (A to Z), skill relating to a given education as a single quote ('), and the respective talent in the form of double quote (") amended to the alphabetic representation of the particular knowledge the extension of knowledge in the vertical category is presented in digits (1, 2, 3…). For instance, a person with knowledge A3 may occupy skill A' and talent A". Using the latter assumption. One may commence from knowledge "A" and, over time, may advance the same knowledge into versions of A1, A2, A3, etc. Horizontal intelligence so is the group of unrelated intellects possessed by one person, I.e.," A," B," C," and so on. In both examples, the number of knowledge points an individual can clench is endless, but in neither case, conservation of insights obeys a distinctive configuration or profile. Because everyone is unique in their path; and supports inseparable propensities, hence make up an endless assortment of A to Z and 1, 2, and 3 variations.

Now let's turn the table around by deeming; that for an individual to be eligible to exercise knowledge-A must furthermore uphold in A, B, C, D, and A3. That, Inturn, exemplifies the typical scenario for a standard job licensing requirements, such as skills A', B,' C. And D where all the subject want is A'1, A'2, E'1 while possesses A', A", E' and E." Yet, as an implied person neither carry interest nor carries the talent for B', C. And the D! As we can surmise from the two theories, the 21st-century scientific and job call does not allow selective intention, hence annihilates those with an unusual but exceptional talent from the market. Rather acquaints a person to the employment demand who is brandishing less than maximal aptitude in a wad of the proficiency that individual was approved for, even though they meet the minimum bars for licensing and credentialing requirements.

A good deal may consider it entirely absurd to simplistically deduce, permitting one to exercise any form of skills or knowledge without formal clearance through a stack of predetermined scholastic aisles. And assert their controversy using the fact that to extract a tooth, one must memorize the basics of human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology before perpetrating to fully grasp the science behind the dental procedures or the same in the case of knee replacement surgery.

One's understanding of the basics as a provision to the full embodiment of knowledge is valid and universally applicable in every case, but by no means attend to as a rule to must get skills B', C,' and D' to practice skill A'!

Teeth are an aspect of the human anatomy; ideally, a dentist must understand the basics of the human body before extracting a tooth. But maxillofacial surgeons will never be allowed to do knee surgery even if they know how to do so unless they withstand a predetermined gated path to orthopedic specialty. An entrance merely unlocked or bolted by a class niche.

The succeeding contention would be for observing public safety as the agent of a necessity for licensure to protect the public interest. That is precisely the point!

It is further simplified to ensure the quality of skill A' and reward those who have the promising talents to deliver skill versus striving to "legitimize" one's capacity on conducting a batch of skills A,' B,' C' and D' under title XY who may be best at performing skill A,' careless on B' and illiterate on the rest. I must convey- such analysis is never close to being absurd, as is the way to simplicity, and Unsophistication is the key to better quality and safety.

Translating knowledge into Skills

Perceptions on what examples of knowledge-A, skills-A', and talent-A" make led me to find out upon browsing the literature, that one can discover that all three phenomena are merely synonymous. But, in verity, knowledge is the conception of how an assignment is conducted. I,n contrast, a skill referred to the technical execution of that proficiency. Talent variously is the individual's ingrained status of aptitude to execute a particular ability. Ability or talent is the explicative element of every individual's uniqueness in delivering the regular chore.

But what are a Specialty and Subspecialty?

Again, the later idioms are generally borrowed to formulate the accuracy and meticulous essence of a person's understanding in unraveling one problem that may depict the atypical presentation or uncommon variation of a familial problem. Irrespective of how unusual the presenting issues or assignment may be, every skill is unique to everyone in their way, as there will invariably be someone extra informed than the other.

In the realm of employment, what tallies are how and what we can allot to those at our stretch, borrowing our Skills and fitness in exchange for something that we are unqualified to achieve by ourselves.

The more wisdom we get, the other skills we can extend; hence, we sustain an advantage over our adversaries. We learn from our peers, make it our own, and innovate, exploiting our inherent potential. That is the criterion of reasonable competitiveness of skill swap. Bureaucracy has cultivated crowns of title by establishing fictitious entitlements to what we own through an operation that sets individuals aloof from each other or unites them based on common synthetic dispositions. That prevails where all the problems commence. Ownership by profiling resembles branding a commodity. They reach the ornate jar for a widespread strawberry jam.

The designation procures the perfect skill A' along with substandard abilities B' and C'! The title encompasses profiling and swaddling, which is the epitome of ultimate intention for economic rents. It serves as an instrument for a faction to dominate the competent initiative and earmark the scientific overtures to seize control over the economy.

Why is it Essential to Think Horizontally and Vertically?

The whole concept of classifying skills and knowledge founded on the distinct outline is merely a circumstance of amenity. New job titles are formulated ass new skills are invented to assure the solace of leashing the sovereignty of intellect.

Classification is a valuable tool under particular circumstances and requisitions, hence streamlining the means to meet a decision or make it productive. Any utility beyond that is ineffectual to any legitimate motive. Profiling is discriminatory in every shape and form. Thus it must be circumvented if deemed undue.

Regarding knowledge, Bundling becomes redundant, as is our skills and ability solo or in collaboration with others) that embarks a task, not our legendary designation under a specific headline profile. The title has always been the agent of Monopoly and corruption. In turn, it has been borrowed by licensing institutions with the rationale of public safety and quality of service.

It's All about regulating frugality, job demand, and income.

The turf war of the job resort where the neurosurgeon feuds with the orthopedic surgeon on who is more qualified to do spinal surgery; nurse practitioners fight over being able to act independently without physician supervision or plastic surgeons are seizing their grounds as they ought to be the sole specialties authorized to do cosmetic surgical procedures.

Image by Pexels from PixabayBetween the Lines

Amid elaborated on the concept of vertical and horizontal knowledge, it also imperative is to embellish with articulation that under a conventional connotation, the inclination of people who would persevere vertical knowledge accession is anticipated to be further prevalent. That is plain because it is conveniently aligned with the aligned proficiency within the vertical sequel link of knowledge (such as A1, A2, A3….) acquisition. Even so, it also makes sense, thus crucial to honor personal resources rather than segregated obligations.

Knowledge is precious and sacred to every individual.
As a famous Persian noble historian of the 580s, Bozorgmehr-e Bokhtagan (Middle Persian: Wuzurgmihr ī Bōkhtagān) once said: "Everything is known to everyone, and not yet born to the mother."

In the modern scientific world, intelligence is the adherent of the cue layout by those in the discretion of the civic mindset. The aftermath stands for uneven distribution of opportunity, labor market, climate, and equity. It is and kind of system that regards individual merits and potential. If they pursue the professional path corridor, by which they are corralled through Otherwise, they will be demolished from social privileges under the justification of unconventionality. The outcome; societies lose the capacity to distinguish between licensing for the sake of public safety versus licensing for monetary influence, domination over scholarly intellect, eradication of open pursuit, and license yet let to slay.


If I use one word, it will be the role. The times that every person's function in the world is different between two people. That role must also periodically reform within every person adapting to the needs of the respective time. Change of parts results from the competition, stands for better quality, and catalysts to healthier societies; we are all products of our circumstances. And those circumstances are the stimulants for constant learning and utilizing the God-given, or some may call it nature-given talent. Classifying a set of knowledge as vertical or horizontal means nothing but two different words describing how a person's skill expansion has been implemented. All that matters is what, how, and to whom one can share, offer, and service that knowledge. Everything else is its title, license, and level are redundant and help the marketing campaign of those who are reluctant to share the job market to secure income to the factor of production more than the costs needed to bring that factor into production, also called economic rent.

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