Will the Robotic Medicine Leave Physicians Behind?

Originally published by Data Driven Investor on Medium

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Medical practice is an art. It has always been one and will always stay that way!

As physicians, we collect clinical and non-clinical data from past and present about a patient, and we try to assemble those data like pieces of LEGO to create a diagnosis that resembles a structure clear enough to characterize the disease affecting our client “The patient.”

Health information and clinical data are the building blocks of medical practice. Physicians need to utilize these to make the proper diagnosis. The healthcare IT industry and a few other corporations, insurance companies, pharmacies, online retailers, etc. — are aggressively penetrating the healthcare market.

Corporations have one single intention, and that is to make more money in a short time. They use the buzzwords “disruption of the healthcare market” to create publicity. Data mining and big data are their modern gold rush endeavors. That is dangerous and needs the full attention of the healthcare community.

Traditionally physicians have relied on stethoscopes and paper and pencil. But as we move forward and navigate the world of technological advancement, more and more data is available for physicians to utilize, allowing us to make more precise diagnoses in a shorter time and a more customized manner.

But physicians are not the ones making these data technologies.

Technology has been expanding and growing at a much faster pace, and physicians are still catching up. We have not been able to change and adapt to new tools or utilize them efficiently to help us build a better medical practice and maintain patient safety and sanity of the healthcare system. Technology, so far, has moved on and will continue doing amidst the lack of collaboration from the medical community.

Major corporations are disrupting the healthcare market by developing highly innovative technologies but not synchrony with the medical mission. That is overwhelming to physicians’ practices and influences the quality of care a patient receives from their provider.

Building a technology that will utilize a prewritten algorithm in the form of business intelligence or machine learning (or let’s call that artificial intelligence) to collect data from various sources by mining is a growing and scary trend. From a business perspective, it would be valuable, just like a gold rush of our century, and from the quality and utilization perspective directly involved in patient care.

Physicians need to ensure that they receive the correct data to build their cases while treating their patients. Irrelevant algorithms misinterpreted analytics, and biased channeling of clinical information based on corporate business interests can harm outcomes.

We are on a slippery slope to robotic medicine, and time is short and running out fast.

Physicians can’t avoid technology; they can’t change paths either but stand up and face reality. They need to learn, adapt, control, and implement it. Never use a system that does not disclose the algorithms, process, and utility.

Physicians must demand full transparency and utilize businesses that provide you that information. Patients and physicians and providers must require full ownership of their knowledge and no data mining without the written consent of the owner of data, even if their private demographics are sealed.

Full Individual Authentication power without exception

Medical professionals’ failure to gain back medicine from corporate entities will make treatment another assembly-line manufacturing business and only take cookie-cutter medicine to the next level, making the managed care system a grand healthcare scheme.

Every individual is different; it takes a village to take care of a patient. Treating a patient is not a mathematical formula. It is imperative to collect and utilize clinical data and deliver it at a single doctor-patient visit. That is that window of opportunity to provide the best medicine possible and for sure, having another middleman between doctor and patient has nothing but a devastating outcome.

Creating healthcare for all requires our dedication and diligence.

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