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Edit: My current CID is now 0000.... so I assume I can replace the CID with 0000 and buy a new ROM How can I flash the ROM without altering my CID? A: The original question was for stock ROMs, but even for custom ROMs this is an issue, and there are two different ways to avoid this issue. Turn off the autofailover option in the MTK recovery. (link) Install a new ROM that's not associated with that CID. (link) Q: Test the connection in rails with aruba I am trying to write a test to validate the communication between a host and a host service. I will explain this using the aruba gem. In my test I want to be sure that aruba will reach the host and try to communicate with it. I created the following method in a scenario: test "aruba reach the host" do allow_any_instance_of(HostService).to receive(:reach_host) allow_any_instance_of(Host).to receive(:aruba).and_call_original allow_any_instance_of(Aruba::Https).to receive(:aruba_rest).and_return(host_with_strategy) host_with_strategy.run_client do |client| expect(client).to receive(:call).with(host_name, aruba_options) # I want to check that I am able to connect to the host # and that the aruba client is able to call the host service # that is listening to the host end end The problem is that the expect method is not working, as the client and the call method in the aruba rest client are never called. I tried to look into the ARuba::Client and try to check the method run_client, but there is nothing there. According to the documentation, the HostService and Host objects are not instantiated in the test so you need to add that, which is probably what is causing the issue you are having. Something like this should work: allow_any_instance_of(HostService).to receive(:reach



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Htc One X Stock Ruu Zip sanwen
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